About Webeez

 “Web and Ease” Making it easier for you to get on the web!

Hi there!

Thank you for your interest and wanting to know more about Webeez. Firstly and hopefully our name and logo conveys us correctly. Web-eez, Web Design - Web Development - Web Hosting made easy and also at the heart of awesome Web Design, Web Development and Web Hosting.

Our goal is to create a resource for website design and related content making it easier for you to get help when starting your own website for free or, allow us to design your website or design, host and manage it all for you if required.

We are based in Middlesbrough, North East UK. The Internet has no boundaries so you can be anywhere on the globe and still enjoy our website as a community member or letting us create your web presence.

Webeez has been around for years but I'm not really looking to push the Webeez brand in all directions because I do it for love not money. Webeez is just one man, one boy operated (Meet the Team!) and a resource for our family, friends and friends of friends who require help and guidance when creating their personal or business websites and providing a safe hosting environment if needed. Having Webeez online creates a place for them to ask for help or view related content as a go to knowledge base.

I have been creating websites since getting my first computer back in 1998. Over the years I have followed the design trends using table designed website layouts and then progressing to cascading style sheets and web 2.0 etc and now html5 responsive mobile friendly layouts and designs that work on all devices/viewports. I have knowledge in html, css, js, php, mysql and using the popular Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress content management systems.

Today I'm looking mainly at providing just static based html/css/js websites that are super fast loading and responsive with transitions for different aspects of the design. You may need content management systems and e-commerce type websites depending on your overall website goals, but if your website is just a place to let visitors know what services or products you provide then just a static website would fit your needs so no need for a bloated cms driven website.

We have our own Web Hosting VPS Server which is used to host only our family and friends websites, funded by a yearly donation to cover costs. We were on shared hosting for years but could not quickly get the required help when their systems went offline or slowdowns in our websites performance, so decided to go it alone and be the boss of our web hosting and this gives us the full unregulated processes to build and expand as needed in the future.

Using none vetted shared hosting from hosting companies meant our websites were crammed on a server with thousands and thousands of other websites some of which were scamming and phishing websites and even though you reported those said sites they seemed not to care for genuine legit websites wanting a fast hosting service.

Thanks again for your interest and hopefully I have outlined my purpose/goal having Webeez available to family, friends and the public and if you would like any help please join our friendly community.

Kind Regards,
Craig Hopkins (Webeez Founder)