Our Web Design Services

Static Web Designs for Business, Non-Profit and Personal Websites

Web Design

We provide affordable Static Web Designs for all purposes. 

Fully designed layouts for every scenario. Using you're photographs to add points of interest also, calls to action to show the services you provide, the products that you make or, the supplies to businesses. We cater for all construction trades too. You name it, we'll make it.

You'll know your customers and products better than us so let us manage the full scope of your web design from start to finish. Plus hosting it for you at affordable prices on our server.

Graphic Design

Graphic design come in all shapes and sizes. From logo's to promotional banner ads for your social media platforms etc. Also icons for web designs including favicon that are viewed in different areas of the browser and when people use bookmarks.

The graphic design area we cater for is for internet, web app related types of media that are used when we create websites. 

We don't do print publishing but know a local company who can supply printed vinyl signs, lettering for you if required.

Website Photography

Adding good quality photos to your website can make it or break it. All website images need to be fully optimised for the intended purposes. One size does not fit all these days as mobile viewed photos need to be a lot smaller but show the same images you show on the larger desktop viewports.

Webeez we can fill that space if your local to our area and need a photographic service. We travel within Teesside and surrounding areas. (only for our web design builds, No studio!)

If you're looking for a web design by Webeez who you can personally chat with, please contact us!