What is Web Design?

We'll break down each area as a sub-section allowing you to better understand what web design is and how the process starts and finishes and everything in-between.

Initial website idea?

Start with "what your website will be used for" or "who are your intended website audience". Write down on paper a list of what you want to achieve by having a website? Do you want to just advertise your business with detailed areas of what you offer potential customers? Do you need to show projects you've created? Acquire a domain name? All the little things when added together make up the structure of your website.

Next look at what others have created that you like the design of, this will help you decide on layouts, colours, font types, icons, frameworks if any are used to quickly get a head start on the web design process.

You don't need the latest and greatest software to build a website. A simple text editor will suffice in the beginning. All computers (Windows, Linux and Mac) come with some kind of text editor as standard. A Graphics Editor to edit photos or to create a website logo. These things and more will be explained below to help you find and use the best software your budget can afford.

Software Basics
  1. Text Editor
  2. Graphics Editor
  3. File Transfer Program (FTP)

Software can be free or paid. Free Software usually best to get Open Source Software because 1. Its free and 2. Its code is open for anyone to view, edit and use which allows people to vet the code and highlight any suspicious code that could potentially harm your computer or privacy. Some software Freeware, shareware etc can have side effects by not being open and honest with what it installs on your computer. The Programs I will talk about here are what I recommend and have used or use daily.

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!